Experimental Film Weekender

Join us for two days of experimental films at CMR Project Space!

This year, as part of the Cornwall Film Festival we will be celebrating everything experimental about film on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th November,  in partnership with Cornwall Film Festival and Mor Media.

As well as screening The Jangling Man on Friday night we will also be screening a series of shorts during both days.

The short films will be played back to back on a loop so you can drop in and out at any time.

Screening will be on:
Friday 10th November & Saturday 11th
11am - 5pm on the top floor of CMR.
No booking required.

The screening will be comprised of a series of selected short films and a curated selection of short films.

Selected Short Films

New Game + Directed by Tom Brett

Waiting for The Buff to Rub Me Out Directed by Mark Lyken

Low Tech Mind Control Directed by Stefano Canavese

AWAKE! Directed by Sophie Austin

Chameleon Directed by Kat Cooley

Dowr Tamar / Great Water
Directed by Samuel Bestwick

Gommon Directed by Klaus Kruse, Simon McComb

Parades Directed by Alan Lake

steinrunnin (petrified) Directed by Chris Paul Daniels, Anton Kaldal Ágústsson (Tonik Ensemble)

Matchbox (Caixa de Fósforo) Directed by Jennifer Cabral

Vanishing Directed by Mandy Williams

[paˈljit͡sj] Directed by Ania Mokrzycka

Morvil Directed by Klaus Kruse, simon McComb

The Way of the Eel Directed by Teän Roberts
I am the land Directed by Rachael Jones

WOMAN MADE OF CLAY Directed by Cordelia Angel Clarke

Bring me the frying pan Directed by Sasha Nadine Webb

Curated Shorts

The Sound Signatures film screening is the result of an open call for films with an analogue component, where sound takes a lead. 

Curated as part of Mayes Creative’s Above and Below project. Call devised by Joanna Mayes with Jacqui Knight of CineStar, selection panel: Joanna Mayes (Mayes Creative), Jacqui Knight (Cinestar) and Kayla Parker (University of Plymouth)

1. Trevor R A Dingle: The Sound Mirror, 2023   2:51

2. David Ian Bickley / Shin Yu Pai: PLUNGE, 2021   2:54

3. Rachael Allain: Datum Line II, 2018, Remastered, 2023   3:00

4. Karen Abadie: My Lover My River, 2023   3:40

5. Rebecca María: Reza por Nosotros, 2020   3:28

6. Ian Helliwell: Marriage Risk Assessment, 2022   2:45

7. Stephen Partridge and David Cunningham: Round and Round, 1974/recovered, 2022   6:43

8. Adam Knight: Two Estates (postscript), 2022   2:15

9. Müge Yildiz: Anxiety, 2016   3:17

10. Karel Doing: A Perfect Storm, 2022   3:00

Gommon by Klaus Kruse, Simon McComb

steinrunnin (petrified) by Chris Paul Daniels, Anton Kaldal Ágústsson

New Game+ by Tom Brett

Dowr Tamar / Great Water by Samuel Bestwick

[paˈljit͡sj] by Ania Mokrzycka

I am the land by Rachael Jones