27th May 2023, 9.30am - 4pm

This is a FREE 1 day workshop event funded by Cultivator, with limited spaces. Please book your tickets here

As part of CMR’s two-part Wired event, this event is an opportunity for everyone interested in obscure and experimental sound, music, science and tech especially and also historically in the Redruth and surrounding areas, to meet each other and share ideas and ways of experimenting with sound, music and visuals as well as bringing people together in Redruth from a wider rural community, with the possibility of future collaborations and use of the space at CMR Project space and Cling Clack Music & Media Production Training Studio, based in the ground floor of the building.

This event welcomes artists, musicians and people interested in sound, science and tech and experimental ways of using both old and new technology and equipment in music, sound and art.

This event will be led by artist and musician Dom Allen together with Alice Mahoney and Stuart Blackmore and a group of 5 artist/ musician facilitators, each leading a 45 min sessions. Participants will get a chance to try their hand at different techniques in these sessions, which cover obscure and unusual techniques from film, sound, science and tech, including 35mm colour slide film manipulation, modular synthesisers, foley art, DJ skills, and coding.

Facilitators will include artist Stuart Robinson, musician Benjamin James Wood, Adam Russel, Foley artist Hannah Bee and DJ Natz.

The day will complete with a freshly prepared lunch by artist and chef, Mollie Goldstrom, who creates interactive meals using ingredients locally sourced, grown or foraged. With an interest in the interpretive and exploratory possibilities of cookery, they have produced meals for audiences in a range of non-traditional settings, inviting collaboration and generosity through the preparation and sharing of food. Mollie will be providing food for our events and will be collaborating with artists working in CMR, riffing on themes for workshops and residencies.

About the artists involved and what to expect from each drop-in session:

Benjamin James Wood

Benjamin James Wood, born and raised in Wales,
started playing guitar in local bands circa 2001. His love of FX pedals, psychedelic tones and loops, led interests towards experimentation with all sorts of sound sources, old cassette players, broken keyboards, field recordings and rewiring kids toys to make sounds they shouldn’t. This was his gateway drug to the modular synth world.

In 2010 Ben relocated to Falmouth, Cornwall to start a Creative Music Technology degree, purely to get his hands on all their expensive kit.

The effects of the radioactive radon gas from the granite and its influence on electronic musicians has been well documented. Ben is at the vanguard of the new world order of Cornish sonic gladiators, drawing together a new mix of alternative electronic music with outsider sensibilities.

He also creates soundtracks for installations, performance art and film, and is currently designing a line of modular synth, with a focus on generative rhythms and live control.

Stuart Robinson

Stuart Robinson lives and works in Penryn, his practice encompasses sculptural and photographic practices, often manifesting in installation or event based work. Inspired by childhood experiences of seaside holidays, car journeys and play, he explores themes of memory and nostalgia, often through the photographic remnants and souvenirs of these events.

For this event Stuart will be running a slide manipulation workshop.

During this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore a range of techniques to creatively manipulate 35mm colour slides via destructive and constructive methods ranging from collage to burning in order to explore and distort the narratives of the images.

Adam Russel

Adam Russel has built a career combining his BA in Philosophy and Psychology from Oxford with his MSc in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems. He has worked as a Software and Programming lecturer at three universities, as an entrepreneur and freelancer on projects combining the arts, electronic systems, and robotics, and as a live coder of algorithmic music. His projects have included controlling robots with gestures, remote control of cars with flamethrowers, and choreographing robots for shows. His passion is at the intersection of complex systems and engineering interactions with humans.

Adam's Tidal Cycles workshop is a great way to dive into the world of algorithmic composition. He'll guide participants through setting up and learning the basics of the language, so they can start creating their own unique pieces of music. The workshop will cover topics such as pattern sequencing, data manipulation, and parameter manipulation. With Adam's help, participants will be able to create intricate, dynamic pieces of music. They'll also gain an understanding of how to use Tidal Cycles to collaborate and share their music with others. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a working knowledge of the language and be able to create their own pieces of music with confidence.

Hannah Bee

Since graduating Falmouth School of Film & Television with a BA(Hons) Film & MA Film & Television, freelance recordist and sound designer Hannah Macneill has worked in various disciplines including post-production sound for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky; in theatre as a recordist, dubbing mixer & touring sound tech; and in radio as a play adaptor.

She has been DJing since 2006 and is currently a ravesmith and bassmonger at Falmouth Loudmouth, which she founded in 2022.


Foley is the art of creating and recording sound effects for film, television, radio, video games and more. Horse hooves? Coconut shells. Broken bones? Snapping celery. Wings flapping? Gloves!

In this SFX workshop we will record and tracklay Foley together and bring a short film to life.


Natalie Nicholas, also known as DJ Natz, is a high-energy DJ, producer and promoter based in the Southwest.  She loves to mix up a variety of electro, techno, breaks, booty tech, footwork/jungle and ghetto to keep everyone moving.  You may have caught Natz at festivals such as Boardmasters, The Great Estate and her debut for the Clockwork Orange festival, Clockstock.  Although a regular on the club, bar and festival circuit Natz has risen in popularity in the UK underground scene, djing for raves with Croaktek and Orbital Gathering. 

Natalie’s more recent escapades involve sharing her love of music through DJ lessons and group tuition through her company, Amplify.  She’s super excited to have the opportunity to work with people through Wired to share some DJing skills.  Topics include how to select and load tracks on digital decks, playing tracks and beatmatching, simple transitions and the use of filters and effects to add tension.

Image credit: Hannah Bee, Benjamin James Wood and slide image from participants of a previous slide manipulation workshop with Stuart Robinson.