Rachael Jones

Artist in Residence November 2023

Rachael took part in a residence here at CMR throughout November, testing out ideas for future film work and making visible some of the experimental filmmaking processes that have gone into past projects, particularly the work that forms part of her practice-based PhD thesis.

To mark the end of her residency at CMR, we opened up the space on Tuesday 19th November, 6pm - 9pm for food and experience a live experimental sound jam to visuals with Cling Clack, who Rachael worked with earlier this year thanks to support from Cultivator.

Rachael Jones is an artist-filmmaker and researcher whose practice often extends to involve others in the filmmaking process. Sometimes participants are objects, both natural and constructed. As a result, her films are made up of multiple playful assemblages that rely on collaboration.

Interested in what can come out of research, embodiment and participation, Rachael’s films retain traces of process-driven interactions. She is involved in land-based, alternative and sustainable practices, using found materials and handmade processes where possible.

Rachael’s recent work aims at demystifying the filmmaking process using experimental filmmaking and animation techniques to creatively connect participants with landscape and place. Her AHRC-funded practice-based PhD at UAL through Falmouth University interrogates the filmmaking process using emergent mixed methods that call attention to the value of participation and process.